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Exiting A Vehicle Solo - Enhancing Your Vehicle Tactics

Updated: Jul 4

Fighting from a vehicle, vehicle counter ambush, vehicle close quarters battle, VCQB, bailing from a vehicle, vehicle tactics or vehicle close quarters combat are all terms used when talking about defending yourself or your family in a deadly force encounter in and around a vehicle. These vehicle tactics can be used if you are a law enforcement officer, military or a law abiding citizen. I am demonstrating with a Walther red dot pistol PDP.

Exiting a vehicle is your last resort when looking at vehicle tactics. The vehicle offers you mobility options as long as it is still mobile. Remember mobility equals survivability. To many times the “why” is never explained when it comes to vehicle tactics. If needed your vehicle could be used as a weapon verse using your firearm or the vehicle could offer you an out to a dangerous situation provided you have the time and distance. The other thing is we are not used of hitting things with our vehicles. This is my a well rounded training program is essential in a vehicle tactics plan. This should include not only firearms training, but also evasive driving to include ramming another vehicle that could be blocking your escape path.

Exiting from a vehicle is a skill that must be practiced for every vehicle you are driving. Simple things like where is the door handle, so you are not wasting precious time exiting your vehicle. How am I placing my foot on the door to hold it open when exiting the vehicle.

When you do exit the vehicle you should be looking at what are the potential threats and where is that safe area you are moving to. Every situation is difficult and you must train for as many different scenario as possible.

What the video for a more in-depth explanation on exiting a vehicle and add this knowledge to both your dry fire and live fire vehicle tactics regiment.

Train hard and stay safe.

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Train Hard, Stay Safe and see you “On The Range” - Rick

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