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In honor of
combat assault dog duco 
5 JULY 2021

War HOGG Tactical and Combat Assault Dog Duco Operation Enduring Freedom


Combat Assault Dog Duco picture that inspired the "In Honor of Duco" Project
Kindred life war dogg pet tincture organic CBD
US Navy SEAL Dog team in Vietnam
K9 Handlers Needed For Documentary 
K9 Documentary with War HOGG Tactical and Dutch Chris Moyer
Rick Hogg of War HOGG Tactical on set K9 Documentary

I am putting together a K9 documentary with Panteao Productions and we are looking for any WWII, Korea or Vietnam K9 handlers to share they stories about these amazing K9s that have saved so many lives!

Send us a DM or email at

5.11 Tactical asked 29 year US Army Special Operations combat veteran Rick Hogg to show us how he trained his SOF K9 Combat Assault Dog Duco to recreate the rifle-fetch seen in the game FAR CRY 5. Learn how to train a dog to fetch anything, even a rifle.

Working Dog Radio
Episode 142 In Honor of Duco with Rick Hogg

Duco on Rick Hogg's Shoulder
Duco Says It's the first of the month give your heartworm
Duco and family
Constant-Vigilance-side-view SOF K9 Memorial

SOF K9 Memorial Service 2018 - Guest Speaker Special Operations Forces (SOF) K9 Handler Rick Hogg.


Over the last two decades, Special Operations Forces have lost SOF K9s - now known as Multi-Purpose Canines (MPCs) and Combat Assault Dogs (CADs). In Fayetteville, NC at the Airborne and Special Operations Museum is a memorial to honor these K9s killed in action.


CONSTANT VIGILANCE - The bond between a SOF handler & his K9 is eternal, trusting each other in a nameless language. Here we honor our SOF K9’s that have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

SOF K9 Snow.jpeg
Rick Hogg and War Dog Duco in the shoot house
Combat Assault Dog Duco
Rick Hogg and Duco right before osteosarcomata surgery
Dutch Shepherd Stamp USA.webp
War Dogg Duco and Rick Hogg Metro Firearms Training Facility
In Honor of Duco Loop Leash
Rick Hogg and Combat Assault Dog Duco filming with Trigger Time TV using an Archon Type B Pistol
Dutch Shepherd Stamp USA.webp


So in November 2020 Duco was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, bone cancer in his right rear leg. We opted to have his leg amputated to add longevity to his life. These videos are his story of that journey  

SOF K9 Memorial

A little bit of information behind the Special Operations Multi Purpose Canines

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