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War HOGG Tactical Law Enforcement Firearms Training Class Photo with Kelley Defense via Project Officer Survival

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If your interested in becoming a War HOGG Tactical Industry Partner please email us for more details

Use code WARHOGG to save 15% with Shooting Targets USA SR 500 Steel

former special forces weapon sergeant rick hogg of War HOGG Teaching Army Marksmanship
Aimpoint Duty-RDS War HOGG Tactical Industry Partner use coupon code WARHOGG624 to save with Aimpoint USA



Use Code WARHOGG1224 

to save 5%

Industry Partner of War HOGG Tactical use coupon code OTR to save 20%

Use code OTR to save 20%

Safariland Kryptek holster use coupon code core10warhogg


Use code 


My overview of Safariland holsters

Army Firearms Training with former special forces weapon Sergeant rick hogg of War HOGG Tactical
ICC Ammo War HOGG Tactical Industry Partner
ICC Ammo War HOGG Tactical Industry Partner
Oakley SI is the eyeware that is used by War HOGG Tactical use coupon code warhogg15 to save additional on oakley si

Oakley SI
Use coupon code warhogg15

to get an additional 15% off

Premier Body Armor backpack panel use coupon code RICK68 to save 10%

Premier Body Armor

Use coupon code RICKH68 to save 10%

Brownells War HOGG Tactical Industry Partner
Hoist use coupon code OTR10 to save with Hoist

Use code OTR10 to save 10% with Hoist

Police Law Enforcement Firearms Training Shooting Under Physical Duress with War HOGG Tactical via project Officer survival
Panteao Production for instructional videos for War HOGG Tactical

Panteao Production
Use the discount code WARHOGG20 to save 20% off the normal Make Ready TV Annual Streaming Subscription

Grunt Style War HOGG Tactical Industry Partner coupon code

Use code WAR25 to save 25%

Patrol rifle police law enforcement firearms training Combat Carbine Training with rick hogg of war HOGG Tactical during a project Officer survival training event
Pagoda Watches

Pagoda Watches
Overview of Pagoda

War HOGG self eval steel package by Grizzly Targets

Grizzly Targets

Use code warhogg10 to save 10% on Grizzly Target products.

War HOGG Tactical Free Law Enforcement Firearms Training via tax deductible donations to project Officer survival
ASP War HOGG Tactical Industry Partner


Use code 15%AF : this is good for 15% off all regular-priced items sitewide

Kill Cliff
Use code OTR15 to save 15% on your purchase of good clean energy

Kill Cliff Ingnite Recovery and CBD use coupon code OTR15 to save with kill cliff




Survivor Filter
Survivor Filter
Mil/LE Discounts Available 


Carnivore Crisps logo use code OTR 10 to save 10%
Carnivore Crisps
Use Code OTR10 to save 10%


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