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Tactical Hyve Class Review 
2 Day War HOGG Pistol 

WAR HOGG 1 Day LE Pistol

On 10/13/20 I had the opportunity to take a Pistol course with Rick Hogg of WAR HOGG tactical. I heard about the course through one of the swat guys at one of our partnering departments. I signed up that day. I’d just arrived from a deployment about a month previously and hadn’t taken any outside training courses in 2020, or returned to LE work yet for that matter. For this reason I didn’t have my issued gun or my old issued gun since my department switched guns in my absence. For this course I borrowed a P226 in .357 SIG from a coworker since this was the gun we used before I left for the deployment. I used this gun for 90% of the course. I also brought a Glock 19X with an Aimpoint H1 to shoot. For the P226 I used a Safariland SLS/ALS holster and the 19X I used just an ALS. There were two shooters that shot red dot pistols both were issued guns with Holosun optics on MOS G17s. Pretty much everyone else shot 40 S&W or .45.

Rick started off talking about how this course is based on his experience in the SOF community and his deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. He also brought in 2 other instructors Kelly Defense and Force Solutions with LE backgrounds to keep his lateral limits in terms of LE speak. This also covered the safety brief in which the 4 fundamentals of safety were discussed.

Rick started off going over the WAR HOGG Admin load. This load concludes what Rick terms the WAR HOGG check, which is a presscheck. After everyone loaded their guns up we began working on presentation and training our eyes. Rick went in depth on both iron sights and red dots for those that it applied to. I made a mental note on the red dot portion as I wasn’t planning on shooting my H1 gun until after lunch. Rick talked about training your eyes. We started with a cold evaluation drill shot one at a time. He went over scoring. Rick goes by the only complete hits count for scoring, partial (half in half out) are missed liabilities. Afterwards Rick went into a discussion of fundamentals. Throughout the day Rick spoke on Combat Mindset and how to get out of the range mindset, and how many things are done because the flat range. During the reload block he talked about the Newhall shooting where a cop was killed with brass in his hand as he had no doubt done on the range. I understand that this is alleged to be a rumor but has been passed on as truth for many, many years. In any case we know that individuals rise to their level of training, and that was the point behind the example. We then began to work on the draw. Everyone on the line with the exception of 2 were using the SLS/ALS holsters. Rick went over shot placement as it pertains to people and worked clothing into the shooting drills. During this portion we also worked on movement. Rick went over shooting under duress and ways to add this into private training. This is something that is not often found in LE organizations. Stress shoots such as those at the tactical games are something that I will be incorporating into live fire practice. The final drills which required under duress shooting is when I switched to my red dot gun. This included a competition in which one of the red dot shooters who is a department instructor and swat member stomped the crap out of everyone else with 100% accuracy on both iterations and faster times than most. He shot solid all day. My total round count was 425 for .357SIG and 60 rounds 9mm. This was a great course and I picked up some things that I will definitely be adding into my sessions. 

The 1-Day WarHogg Pistol Class was awesome!  This was my first experience with a firearm - and the experience was resourceful, fun and most importantly - memorable.  I have never used a pistol before - and I was impressed with how much Rick covered in the class.  By the time the class was over, my aim improved a lot, I was successful with hitting my target (multiple, consecutive, times - round after round), and even from different distances (slight alignment knowledge applied).  I learned a lot about safety, combat mindset and more.  My favorite was when I was instructed to bring an old shirt to shoot which was placed over the cardboard torso - and brought the training to life as I saw a potential criminal instead of a paper dot target.  I enjoyed learning how to do pistol reloads and drawing from a holster too.  Rick has a genuine interest in sharing his knowledge with others - certainly highly recommended!
Rita, MA

Alexa Young, CA

"Recommend getting out with @warhoggtactical, it was a great class and definitely picked up some good techniques."

"Thanks for a great class @warhoggtactical ! Refreshed a few skills and learned a lot of new skills. Now it’s time to keep practicing!"

And this is why Rick #warhoggtactical is one of the best out there

Had a great time with Rick this weekend. Top notch instruction from a stellar human being. Thank you for your time Mr. Hogg.

Was such an amazing time learning from you. You have provided an excellent base for me to enhance my training further. 

@academi_training_ne is a 1st class spot !!! Let me know when you’re back in town. I’m in!!! 

Fantastic class with an excellent instructor. I would DEFINITELY recommend this class (and any others) by @warhoggtactical

Awesome training!!!!! Highly recommended!!!!! 

The best informative class I have taken. I continue to use and practice the building blocks @warhoggtactical shared with me. These have elevated my marksmanship and skills to this day. Can’t wait to train under Rick again. His firsthand knowledge and real life experiences are second to none

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