CONSTANT VIGILANCE - The bond between a SOF handler & his K9 is eternal, trusting each other in a nameless language. Here we honor our SOF K9’s that have paid the ultimate sacrifice.
in memory of combat assault dog duco
5 july 2021
Rick Hogg and Combat Assault Dog Duco in Afghanistan
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"OTR Training! On Demand" is your one stop virtual training area! Rick Hogg (War HOGG Tactical) and Mark Kelley (Kelley Defense) discuss a wide variety of topics using proven experienced based training methods and techniques.

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K9 Handlers Needed For Documentary 
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I am putting together a K9 documentary with Panteao Productions and we are looking for any WWII, Korea or Vietnam K9 handlers to share they stories about these amazing K9s that have saved so many lives!

Send us a DM or email at

War HOGG Tactical, Inc.

Experience Not Theory 

Rifle Bullets
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