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In Honor of Duco Loop Leash / Bowl Combo

In Honor of Duco Loop Leash / Bowl Combo

Limited quantities of "In Honor of Duco" collapsible water bowls included in each purchase.


The "In Honor of Duco" Loop Leash was developed on the battlefield of Afghanistan and built in the USA!


This leash has applications for both the civilian dog owner as well as the military and law enforcement community.


The loop leash fills a multitude of rolls that others leashes do not. For example, hands free walking with your canine, quick easy control of the travel for your dog and a tie down point if needed.


Be awere we do have some leash tages that don't have "In Honor of Duco" and will only try to use those when we don't have any "In Honor of Duco" labels in stock.


Please watch the product video for more information.


We are a small business and will ship as quick as possible. We also use recycled shipping materials to help the environment.


Leash Specs 1in wide by approximately 58 inches long and the color is Wolf Gray


Thank you for your support in helping keep Combat Assault Dog Duco's memory alive!

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