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Combat Assault Dog Duco
K9 Training Videos 

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Train You Dog How To Fetch A Rifle
In Honor of Duco Blackbreard and Friend (Duco) Patch
Room Clearing With A K9
Social Northshore In Honor of Duco Article Pg1
K9 Obedience 
Archon Type B strik-b War HOGG Tactical
One Handed Pistol Shooting With A K9
US flag War HOGG Tactical
K9 Travel Bag

In this video I go over the items I normally carry when I am taking Duco on a trip. This is just a guide and can be adjusted for your own personal K9 needs.

War Dogg Duco Backyard
Helping Your Dog In And Out Of A Vehicle
SOF K9 Memorial Constant Vigilance Rick Hogg Guest Speaker 2018
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