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The purpose of this page is to give you some printable targets you can use during your live or dry fire training.

Use the hashtag #TeamWarHOGG and post your work on your social platforms. Have a good one.

5 War HOGG 3 inch printable dots target

3 Inch Dots

The 3 inch dots are the core of the War HOGG Tactical marksmanship program.

They help you focus on your building your marksmanship foundation. 

War HOGG Tactical B8 Bull printable target

B8 Bullseye

Being able to shoot 25 meter bulls is a critical skill for all shooters.

Make sure to use hashtag #TeamWarHOGG when posting on social.

War HOGG Dot Torture printable target

Dot Torture

A new twist to a known drill.

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