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former SOF K9 handler and special forces weapons Sergeant Rick Hogg of war HOGG Tactical with military working dog during combat operations in Afghanistan


Rick Hogg is the owner of War HOGG Tactical, Inc. and is a 29 year US Army Special Operation Combat Veteran including being a Special Operations K9 handler. He has taken his 13 combat deployment, to both Iraq along with Afghanistan, as well as his teaching experience as a Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat Course (SFAUC) instructor and harnessed them into a combat experience bases firearms and tactical training company, War HOGG Tactical, Inc.

War HOGG Tactical, Inc. offers professional comprehensive mobile firearms training, tactical training, and K9 training to law abiding civilians, military and law enforcement agencies through combat proven techniques and experience to improve students skill ability. War HOGG also conducts product development and product field testing along with a verity of consulting services in the defense and firearms industry. 

War HOGG Tactical, Inc was born in 2002 when my Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat Course (SFAUC) students returned from Afghanistan and said "That stuff you taught me saved my life!"


Rick and his retired Special Operations Forces (SOF) K9 Duco have been featured on Trigger Time TV covering an entire season on training a military working dog. Rick has also has instructional videos with Panteao Productions. 

Our program’s main goal is to provide you with a skill set to defend yourself or your family members using a building block methodology of instruction.


US flag from warhogg website
All things dogs with Rick Hogg of war hogg Tactical guest The University of Badassery podcast talking about combat assault dog Duco
The University of Badassery
Ep. 17: “All Things Dogs” with Rick Hogg

In this special “spotlight” episode, Mac and C. J. sit down with Rick Hogg of War Hogg Tactical to discuss “All Things Dogs.”

This is to help you better understand your dog’s behavior and how to create a greater relationship between you and your dog, so you both can live a better life.

Rick spent his career in U.S. Army Special Forces with many years handling the K9 element. Rick is an experienced dog handler, BUT Rick, Mac, and C. J. are talking about being responsible dog owners, not training service or protection dogs.

The University Of Badassery podcast guest Special operations veteran and SOF K9 handler Rick Hogg of War HOGG tactical

University Of Badassery
Episode 8 with Rick Hogg (Special Forces Vet)

C. J. and Mac are joined on Veteran’s Day by Special Forces veteran, Rick Hogg, of War Hogg Tactical to discuss veterans, Vietnam, growing up in the 70s and 80s, mindset, music, life, raising kids, and more. Rick also provides great insight to the military use of dogs since Rick handled K9s in his special operations unit. And of course, Rick joins in on the Q&A!

Constant Vigilance plaque at the SOF K9 memorial at the airborne and special operations museum

SOF K9 Memorial Service 2018

Rick was the guest speaker for the 2018 SOF K9 Memorial Service.

a-tacs-ghost- camo pattern camo

A-TACS TEAMROOM Podcast Ep 4–Rick Hogg of War Hogg Tactical

In this episode of A-TACS TEAMROOM PODCAST, A-TACS Camo's Clint Hoover sits down with Rick Hogg, Owner of War Hogg Tactical as they discuss their backgrounds, Rick's new video with Panteo Productions, some new gear from C2R Fast and more!

This episode is to commemorate the 30 Year Anniversary of the first Gulf War, Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm.
Rick Hogg and Mark Kelley served in the same Platoon and they detail their involvement in the conflict, providing insight into what the grunts of the 1st BN 505th PIR, 82nd Airborne got up to. This was a full-scale conventional war between a brutal dictator, his Army and the World. The War started with a 41-day bombing campaign, over 250,000 coalition soldiers were involved with enemy losses between 30,000 and 50,000 troops.

7th SFG Flash as worn by former Special forces weapons Sergeant rick hogg of war hogg tactical

Stew and The Nunn -Episode #222 with Rick Hogg

Brute Force Kettlebell

Be Ready, Be Prepared, Be Trained with Rick Hogg from WarHogg Tactical

Topics of Discussion in this episode: - Airsoft Guns as a supplemental training tool - Open / Concealed Carry + The willingness to take a life in the time of need - Gun rights and restrictions in other Western Nations - Coronavirus and the effects on business / the community - Military service and the K9 Unit

Kettlebells in War HOGG combat training facility

FLEXX Mobility and Performance
Episode 10: Faith, Fitness & Firearms with Special Guest Rick Hogg from War HOGG Tact

TACTICAL PODCAST # 16 Richard Hogg of Warhogg Tactical

In todays episode we are jpined by former Special Forces Operator Richard Hogg. Richard is CEO and Founder of Hogg Tactical. A North Carolina based tactical company doing big things, Richard has a very solid understanding of what it takes to forge warriors and make sure that you come out of a bad situaion alive.

Training to improve - 24 October 2018

Liberty_Report_Banner Training to improve with rick hogg of war hogg tactical
US flag in the war hogg combat training facility
The Kevin Alan Show
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