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Rick Hogg Walther PDP launch pistol shooting instructional videos
shooting drills Videos 

The intent of this section is to provide you some shooting drills for both your pistol and carbine to improve your marksmanship ability. By having a solid foundation in your marksmanship fundamentals your ability to use your firearm will become more efficient and effective.

War HOGG Tactical - V Drill

The War HOGG V Drill is a cone shooting drill that can be done with a pistol or carbine. The intent of this drill is to break the classic flat range mentality and add some movement to your range session.

War HOGG Self Eval

The War HOGG self eval is a pistol or carbine shooting drill, that gives you the shooter some very important information so you can start focusing on those areas in your marksmanship training program.

The 1-1-1Drill

Shooting under physical duress is an absolute necessity in your firearms training program. The 1-1-1 drill incorporates the Brute Force Sandbag as the tool to help add physical stress to the shooting drill.

tiger_stripe camo
The Nightstand Drill

The ability to quickly retrieve your pistol off your nightstand or lock box is a skill that must be practiced on the firing range.

Shifting Gears Pistol Shooting Drill

The ability to index from target to target is a task that should be incorporated into your marksmanship training program. When engaging multiple targets you should also incorporate different size targets.

desert-dpm camo
Eye Exercise

Training your eyes is an import skill for any shooter. The ability to change your focal point from target to sights is a skill that can be improved by training your eyes during your dry fire training program. 

Multicam black camo
Dry Fire Pistol Training

Dry Fire training is an incredible way to increase your marksmanship skills with a pistol or carbine. The key to your dry fire program is you have to have a plan or schedule.

E German Camo
War HOGG Tactical
1st Time Gun Handling

Weather you are a first time gun owner or had firearms all your life, the way you handle a firearm for the first time is something that requires a system.

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