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Rick Hogg Walther PDP launch videos Vehicle Tactics Counter Ambush
Vehicle Tactics Training Videos 

Fighting from a vehicle, vehicle tactics, vehicle counter ambush, vehicle close quarters battle, VCQB, bailing from a vehicle or vehicle close quarters combat are all terms used when talking about defending yourself or your family in a deadly force encounter in and around a vehicle.


The purpose of this video segment is to educate you on some different tactics when fighting in and around a vehicle. REMEMBER don't bail out of the vehicle unless it disable!! Your vehicle maneuverability equals survivability. If you bail out and the vehicle is still mobile you greatly reduced your mobility options available.

Holster Placement Inside A Vehicle 

The ability to quickly and efficiently secure your firearm in a vehicle is a critical task that must be practiced.

Vehicle Tactics Counter Ambush War HOGG Tactical
War HOGG Tactical - Shooting From Inside A Vehicle

Shooting through auto glass

Vehicle Tactics War HOGG Tactical Shooting through a windshield
Exiting A Vehicle Solo

Exiting out of a vehicle is your last resort 

Vehicle Tactics War HOGG Tactical Movement around a vehicle Project Officer Survival
Movement Around A Vehicle 

Movement around a vehicle

Vehicle Tactics War HOGG Tactical Carbine shooting from a vehicle Project officer survival

War HOGG Tactical
Shooting A Pistol From A Seated Position

Vehicle Tactics War HOGG Tactical Project Officer Survival
Shooting From Barricades With A Pistol
MultiCam Black War HOGG Tactical
Shot Placement and Stopping Power
With A Pistol
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