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Shooting Under Physical Duress 2 Day

  • 550 US dollars
  • TBD

Service Description

$500 Total - $250 deposit The Tactical Games University (TGU) is a two day course designed to enhance the tactical athlete or regular shooters skill ability in marksmanship (both rifle and pistol) and fitness regardless of their current skill set. This will be done by building a good marksmanship foundation and employing that marksmanship under duress of mini battles. These mini battles will improve the athletes ability to strategize a battle, build mental toughness while pushing the athletes marksmanship under physical duress and physical ability to be successful during The Tactical Games.  The two foundational elements of a tactical athlete are shooting and fitness. Both of these abilities work in tandem to make a tactical athlete harder to kill, and more effective as a warrior. These two elements co-exist one feeding the other. If a person is a shooter, but not an athlete, when their heart rate elevates due to stress of activity, eventually the skill sets deteriorate. So, fitness is an essential part of being a tactical athlete. Shooting is critical but is not enough to make you elite. In short, a fat guy can shoot, he just can’t chase the enemy or run from a bad situation. On the other hand, you can be an Olympic-level athlete, but die quickly because you have no ability to shoot or defend yourself. The goal should be to achieve and maintain an ability to shoot well under duress, but also to achieve and maintain a high level of f