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War HOGG Tactical - Concealed Carry DVD Trailer

Make Ready with War HOGG Tactical - Concealed Carry Trailer

War HOGG Tactical Training Tip Pistol Presentation

How to conduct proper dry fire training

How To Train A Dog To Fetch

Rick shows you how he trained his K9 Duco to recreate the rifle-fetch in the game Far Cry 5.

administrative Load with Archon Type B pistol

how to climb a rope

In this video I demonstrate a rope climbing and descending technique that could be useful for athletes of The Tactical Games

range workout with brute force bag

War HOGG one handed workout for the tactical games

War HOGG Tactical Overview Of The Archon Firearms Type B

In this video I talk about the features and design of Archon Firearms Type B pistol. I have been part of the test and evaluation process of this pistol for over a year and I can tell you it is truly a shooter's pistol.

Rifle / Carbine shooting from a supported position

In this video I discussed how to shoot a rifle from a supported position and some common mistakes I see shooter make during The Tactical Games.

How to Successfully climb a rope (part iI)

Tacticult Tribe here is how I climb a rope and my foot lock technique. I still saw people struggling to climb a rope during The Tactical Games in both SouthCarolina and NorthCarolina 2019. Hopefully this building block technique will have you scurrying up the rope in no time.

Sling Manipulation for the tactical games

In this video I explain and demonstrate how to use a sling to be successful for The Tactical Games